Covid-19 procedures. Read carefully before your appointment.

  • Please note we will still be requiring proof of vaccination for services under the mask only for a little while still for the safety of all our customers and staff. As of Jan 4th 2022 only the QR code will be accepted as per Government regulations.
  • For your appointment,  show up about 5 minutes before the scheduled time and no earlier. Please do not be late or overly early as others will be schedule before or after you and we are trying to stagger people’s arrivals to keep the lobby area free of gatherings.
  • You must still wear a mask for ALL ACTUAL SERVICES during your visit while in the shop. Please make sure you have one before showing up.
  • If you are sick or have any symptoms of covid-19 when showing up you will be turned away for everyone’s safety and any deposit will be kept. If you are ill please tell us and we can reschedule you no problem instead of putting others at risk.
  • Only the person getting work done will be permitted in the shop so be prepared. Your friends unfortunately will have to stay home.
  • Due to these irregular circumstances, any last minute major changes or size upgrades to the design will not be permitted within the last 48 hours.This is in order to keep the schedule running smoothly so make sure you work out the details with your artist beforehand and that you are on the same page.
  • Piercing hours and phone hours are currently reduced to Tue to Sat from 11-6pm . The phones will not be answered outside of these hours.
  • For piercing and jewelry changes we will be operating by appointment also within strict time frames (same day is still possible just call). It will be important once in the shop to stick with getting what you are booked in for since others will most likely be scheduled after you. We want to keep things safe but also running smoothly and avoid scheduling conflicts or people waiting unnecessarily. If you are late there is a good chance we will not be able to take you.
  • Once in the shop please keep a 6 foot distance from other customers or employees when possible.
  • For piercings that require a parent’s signature, be advised that once the release form has been filled out, there will still only be the person getting pierced allowed in the room. Make sure they will be ok on their own beforehand.
  • We will be booking appointments both by phone and directly through some of the artists. Once the details have been worked out and it’s booked in, you will be given a time frame and date by the artist. We will then require an etransfer deposit. At that time, you will be provided with the necessary information to do so.
  • Please be patient with us. We are all dealing with many more emails and correspondences now than we used to get pre covid. We try to answer all of them in a timely fashion but we are not always able to do so immediately. We are generally working in the day and we also have a personal life outside of the shop. Sometimes emails can also get innocently overlooked or end up in a junk folder. If you have not heard from us in roughly a week please try us again so we can get to the bottom of it. Rest assured we are not in the habit of simply not replying to people. If you require an immediate answer for anything, sometimes the best approach is to just call the shop during business hours.
  • For our staff and customer’s safety we reserve the right to refuse to work on anyone showing symptoms of covid-19 or refusing to abide by these guidelines . We put these in place to keep everyone safe so please respect them.