The Ink Spot Policy & Guidelines

When getting work done of any kind please do not bring more than one friend for moral support. There is no need to bring 6 people, it can be distracting to people trying to work and we simply do not have the space.

If you are getting tattooed or pierced please leave small children at home. Nothing personal and kids are great but not in tattoo shop. If you can afford a tattoo you can afford a babysitter. Please plan accordingly.

If you need touch ups they are free for the first 3 months after the date the tattoo was done

We want you to make the decision that is right for you. We do not want you to settle, rush into, or get talked into a tattoo or piercing. This is on you for the rest of your life and while you may value your friend’s opinion, you need to be sure of what you are getting into.

You must have valid government issued photo identification, no exceptions.

If you are under 18 you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Both you and your parent must bring in photo identification and documents providing proof of legal guardianship if that is the case.

We will not tattoo anyone under the age of 18 without parental consent in person. 16 is the youngest and we reserve the right to refuse tattooing minors depending on the design and placement.

We want you to be able to make a level headed decision, which is why we will not tattoo or pierce you while you are drunk or high.
It’s not like we are setting bones or anything, you can handle it!

We will not tattoo Fingers-hands-neck-face unless you are already heavily tattooed. Don’t beg we still won’t do it.

We will not tattoo someone who is pregnant, breastfeeding or who thinks she may be pregnant. This is for the safety of the mother and child. Reactions to ink and jewelry (or anything else we may use) don’t happen very often, but the risk is still present. Allergic reactions to anything (like strawberries for example) can very from mild itching to anaphylactic shock and even death. When you are pregnant, your body changes and you may have a reaction to something previously harmless. In addition, a tattoo or piercing is an open wound. If the tattoo or piercing becomes infected, you may be required to take an antibiotic to treat the infection. It is well known that anything the mother ingests will be passed on to the baby while pregnant and through her milk while breast feeding. If you develop an infection then not only can your health be compromised but your baby’s health may be compromised as well.

No vaping in the shop.

If you have any of these following conditions, please consult with your doctor and the artist or piercer before getting a tattoo or piercing. Hepatitis * Hemophilia * Aids/HIV * Epilepsy * Tuberculosis * Diabetes * Skin conditions (Psoriasis, Moles, Rashes, Scars, Acne, etc…) * Allergies (petroleum, latex, chemical cleaners, etc…) * Mental illness * Heart condition * or if you are taking prescription medication * Basically anything that could potentially cause problems with getting/healing a tattoo.

If you have any of the following we will not tattoo or pierce you until the condition has passed: Pneumonia * Influenza (Flu) * Mononucleosis * Any other contagious illnesses that can be recovered from. Please wait till it has passed so you don’t give it to our staff and other customers.